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Managed Telephony

These are some of the most common features that we offer as part of our VoIP Service. Most of these services come as standard.
Video and audio conferencing

VoltaCloud includes a powerful video conferencing solution that allows for effective, face to face communication and collaboration with colleagues and customers no matter where they are. With VoltaCloud, your invitees can seamlessly join meetings with absolutely no login or sign up. All they need is your meeting link. They can join in-browser on Chrome or Firefox, or use one of the free video apps for Android or iOS.


Whether you work with a traditional phone system or VoIP, voicemail has become an essential part of our working lives. The great thing about VoIP voicemail is that you can access it anywhere and from any supported device, such as a Mobile or laptop. You need never miss an important call again.

Screen sharing

Screen sharing is perfect for viewing (and controlling) a colleague’s computer for collaboration purposes and for helping a customer with a technical or sales issue. Integration is simple and the sharer doesn’t even need to download any additional software.

Home/mobile working

Because VoltaCloud VoIP works with the internet, your VoIP phone account can be accessed on any supported device: typically using an app on your phone, laptop, or tablet. This means you can make and receive calls to and from your VoIP number whether you’re working from home or visiting a client.

Call monitoring

With VoltaCloud VoIP, voice (and fax) communications can be stored as digital data packets – this makes monitoring calls straightforward and efficient. Call monitoring keeps business standards high, enabling managers to monitor performance and compliance, reduce liability, and apply training accordingly.

CRM integration

CRM has become a vital tool for businesses for tracking interactions with customers and clients. VoIP CRM integration can help you manage customer relationships more efficiently through real-time call tracking, analyze customer behavior for marketing purposes, and provide a better customer experience.

Advanced call routing

Our advanced call routing can direct inbound calls to any person or team in real-time. This means that you can easily communicate business hours, manage long wait times by offering an option to leave a voice message, and easily scale your call centre as your team grows.

Call recording

With VoIP, you can record any call, making note-taking a thing of the past. Incoming and outgoing calls are stored on the cloud, meaning they can be accessed from anywhere. You don’t even need to record from the beginning to get the entire call—you can choose to keep a recording of the call at any point in the call.

On-hold music and messaging

No one likes to be kept on hold in silence, so using the right on-hold music can help reassure people in line, and is an opportunity for you to promote offers and advise on services. On-hold music is usually offered by a VoIP provider, but you can also use third-party plug-ins to expand your musical options.